8" Midrange-horn for B&C driver 8NSM64 or RCF MR8N301


directivity:   70° x 55°  at 1,6 kHz

size:   39 x 32 x 24 cm

weight:   approx. 2.9 kg

displaced volume:   11 l

Material:    high-strength glass fabric reinforced polyester;

plywood phase-plug-caps

mounting:   6 M4-threads for B&C

4 M5-threads for RCF mounting




870b with B&C 8NSM64   2,83 V 1m




870r with RCF MR8N301 (red)   2,83 V 1m

  light blue: MR8N301 direct radiating on a baffle of 39 x 32 cm




Impedance 870b   8NSM64




Impedance 870r   MR8N301













870s18 with 18Sound 8NM610 / 16 Ohm 4,0 V 1m




Impedance 870s18 8NM610 / 16 Ohm and 8NMA610



Calculated cone excursion at 500 and 1000 Watts










All measurements fullspace without cabinet or baffle, unless otherwise noted.