630 BC1

6"-1" waveguide for
full range or mid-high operation
in studio, home cinema or living room;
adjusted for B&C 6" mid-woofer and 1" compression driver.

Also for PHL midrange speakers (630 P1), others on request.



frequency range    80-20000Hz
sensitivity        90 db   2,83V 1m
directivity        90° x 60°   > 1 khz
low frequency   B&C 6NDL38

high frequency   B&C DE360
size   30 x 24 x 5,5 cm
weight   0,6 kg
mounting 6":   four M4-threads on a diameter of 172 mm
          1":   two 6,5 mm-holes on a diameter of 76 mm
                two 6,5 mm-holes on a diameter of 57 mm
Material   Polyurethane








sensitivity 2,83 V 1m full space




Impedance in a vented enclosure of 9 litres internal volume

with a port of Ø 4,5 x 8 cm on the backside





DE360 with / without high pass



6NDL38 with / without low pass



PDF-Dokument [73.8 KB]

The 630 BC1 waveguide does not include an enclosure or speakers.

They are shown for illustration purposes only.


Jochen Stegmanns 630-modifications:


636-waveguide for two PHL 6" and 1"-driver

and stretch-waveguide for Beyma 6MCF200Nd and AMT TPL75



eck-acoustic aus Niedereschach